At 10|10 Strategies we believe giving brings joy to the giver,
and when done well, creates better lives for the recipients.

Our aim is to create strategies that bring about these possibilities,
so all of us live life to the full.



We help you discern the causes and issues you care about, what you want to accomplish with your giving, and then put together a solid philanthropic base to build your future giving on.  We can also plan exposure visits and guided trips to help you learn about issues or geographies you find of interest or want to engage in more deeply.  These trips help engage your family, inform your giving decisions and strategy, and are fun ways to cultivate joy in the giving journey.


We help you make informed, wise giving decisions to “best in class” organizations that are doing quality work by performing research and analysis on issue areas, geographic areas, and/or organizations.  We then use that research and analysis to create a process and provide tools that will enable you to give more confidently and make a bigger impact while bringing more ease to the process.


We work with you to develop a customized action plan for engaging your family and/or circle of influence in your giving.  The plan will include goals, timelines, and intended outcomes that will encourage others to get involved and experience the joy of giving.


Personal Giving Impact Plan

If you desire to formulate a plan for your and/or your family’s giving and make a bigger impact, we can help you discern the causes and organizations that light up your heart and then deploy your resources to make the impact you want and bring you joy along the way.

Charitable Foundation Set-up | Revive | Expand

If you have a charitable foundation but haven’t put together your values/vision/mission or set your focus areas, we can help you craft those important cornerstones that will enable your foundation to make an impact for years to come.

If you have been giving through your foundation for some time but aren’t making the impact you’d like or getting joy from your giving, we can help you revive your original intent, find best in class organizations to fund, put structures in place to ensure grantee accountability, and bring back the joy and excitement you felt when you started your foundation.

If it’s time to get the next generation involved with your family foundation, we can train them in how to know whether an organization is the best one to fund (due diligence), engage them as junior board members, and create fun ways for you to give as a family that will bring family unity, joy, and impact on your community and the world.

Corporate Philanthropy Strategy and Employee Engagement

If your company is ready to get more intentional about making a difference, we can help you discern the causes that make sense to support, encourage employee involvement that will improve recruitment and retention, and enable you to gain positive public relations all while making a difference in your community and the world.


Photo by Rachel Coward

Heather Tuininga enjoys working with people, families, and organizations to strategically align their giving and activities to achieve the impact and outcomes they envision.

For the past seventeen years, Heather has helped people and organizations flourish financially. Her roles have included philanthropic advisor to many families, executive director of a private family foundation, program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and fiscal analyst for the Washington state legislature. A native of Washington state, Heather holds a masters degree in Public Policy from Duke University and a BA in Political Science and Economics from Central Washington University, where she was a Presidential Scholar.

Heather is committed to strategic philanthropy and helping people “move the needle” on issues they care about while experiencing the joy of giving. In addition, she loves the challenge of translating complex financial situations into individually tailored plans that are realistic and easy to follow.

Heather demonstrates her passion for good stewardship and generosity by providing volunteer financial coaching for families in need and teaching seminars on generosity and handling finances in a healthy manner. She serves on the finance committee at her church and on the boards of African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries and the National Christian Foundation – Seattle.

Heather enjoys golf, hiking, camping, travel (especially to Africa), country music, and dinner parties under the stars with good wine and good friends.


Heather was chosen to be one of
425 Magazine’s 2017 Women to Watch,
and put her money behind her message.

Heather was invited to be on Seattle’s
TV morning show to talk about generosity
and investing in women.

Heather’s thoughts about strategic philanthropy vs. random charity were published in this estate planning blog.

In her favorite generosity caper yet,
Heather and some friends gave $20 bills to 400 people for them to give away.
The resulting giving experiences are impacting the givers and receivers in significant ways
and multiplying the joy of generosity.
Check out this site to see some of the giver’s stories.

Heather had the honor
of being a guest author of this book.
Find out more and order your own copy at:

Read more about Heather’s background
and philosophy in this great feature article
in 425 Business Magazine.